Rith Mony Bus Company Ordered To Close

Phnom Penh: On the morning of August 15, the Toul Kork District authorities suspended the activities of the Rith Mony Passenger Bus Company, which caused anarchy and traffic jams on Mao Tse Toung Boulevard in Beong Salang Sangkat, Toul Kork District.

A Tuol Kork district administration official confirmed that the location of Rith Mony Company, which operates buses transporting passengers every day, has seriously affected public order and caused traffic jams.

The official confirmed that the certificate of enterprise issued by the General Department of Taxation has expired and the Toul Kork district administration has notified the location owner to change the location of the bus stop to avoid traffic congestion. However, the company did not comply with the notice, which is why the team decided to suspend the business of Rith Mony Transport Company from now on.

In case the company does not follow this instruction, the district administration will take further action without being responsible for harming the company’s interests. PPR

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