Youth Project Fighting Plastic Waste With Leaves

Oddar Meanchey province: A youth scheme initiated the idea of ​​making plates made of leaves instead of plastic.

Seeing the consequences of using plastic and especially to take care of the environment, a group of young people from Techo Sen Samrong High School in Samrong City, Oddar Meanchey Province came up with ways to turn leaves into plates for everyday food instead of plastic plates.

The project “For My Community”, with the slogan “Participate in the care, protection and conservation of our natural resources together”, encourages people to reduce the use of plastic and turn to the use of leaves.

Mr. Ok Kimsour, Head of the Volunteer Youth Group for My Community, said that the project to make dishes made from klong leaves is currently under study. The youth group is preparing to try techniques and continue to study the design, shape, size, color, price and quality of storage.

Mr. Loeun Chhay Minh Chou, a student of Hun Sen High School in Oddar Meanchey, urged the community to reduce the use of foam plates or plastic plates and encouraged the community to jointly produce leaf plates that can earn income from tourists. “Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!”

Venerable Bun Salout, Chief Priest of the Prey Sangkha Rukhavorn Community, applauded the research project. As expected, bowls made from natural leaves extracted from the forest of Sangkrukhavorn community will be able to replace foam or plastic bowls in the future. MCPN

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