Angry Farmer Shoots Long Hidden AK At Commune Chief

Ratanakiri: A suspect was arrested by the police for shooting in the air and threatening the commune chief because he was angry and often summoned over family disputes in Ratanakkiri province.

He was immediately detained by the police and sent to the provincial court for legal action. The arrest of the suspect who used an illegal weapon to shoot and threaten the commune chief was made at 5:30 pm on August 11, 2020 in Thuy Ampil village, commune. Cha Ong, O’Chum District, Rattanakiri Province.

Sources from the police said that the suspect who used illegal weapons and was arrested was named That Yiv, 41 years old, an ethnic Kreung, and a farmer living in the commune. According to the source, the suspect took a hidden old Soviet AK-47 assault rifle and fired three shots at the commune chief, out of anger.

The commune chief had repeatedly summoned him to appear to mediate family disputes. The source added that the suspect used an illegal weapon that he had hidden in the house for a long time, even his wife did not know about it.

Currently, the suspect and the exhibits have been brought to the O’Chum District Inspectorate to complete the procedure and send it to the Ratanakkiri Provincial Prosecutor’s Office for legal action. MCPN

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