4 Youngsters Injured By UXO

Pursat: Four youngsters were injured after playing with a UXO. This incident caused a surprise at 5:30 pm on August 12, 2020 at Sangkum Thmey village, Thmorda, Veal Veng District, Pursat Province.

Veal Veng District Police Inspector Colonel Theang Leng said by telephone on the evening of August 12, 2020 that the four children were from along the Cambodian-Thai border: 1. Soy Tola, 15 years old, 2. Soy Kumpheak, 13 years old, 3. Kuoy Tang You, 22 years old, all three were seriously injured and 4. Soy Sinath, 10 years old, suffered minor injuries. The four boys live in the commune where the incident took place.

Now, the four boys have been sent to Pursat Provincial Referral Hospital for emergency treatment.

Colonel Theang Leng appealed and appealed to people living in various places in Veal Veng district to be careful when going to work or farm. When encountering unexploded ordnance, please hurry to report to the nearby authorities to report to the CMAC to come down and do not touch or throw stones that cause accidents like the above case. RASMEI

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