Policeman Detained After Threats To Shoot

Phnom Penh: At 1.30 am on August 12, 2020 an incident was reported at a store on Street 163, Toul Tum 1 Chamkar Mon. A man dressed as a civilian, in a Lexus with police license plate number 2-7119 entered a drink shop, pulled out a pistol and threatened to shoot, causing everyone to run away and report to the authorities to intervene immediately.

Immediately after the police arrived, the perpetrator got in the car and fled the scene, causing the local police to cooperate with the Chamkar Mon district police force to chase him until the Chbar Ampov commune, National Road 1, Chbar Ampov district, then stopped the car. He was taken to Chamkarmon District Inspectorate for questioning.

Sources from the scene said that before the incident, the perpetrator came to drink in the Snow Palace above, but after a while there was a dispute with the owner of the shop.

After sending the perpetrator to the police station in Chamkar Mon district, the police identified the person as a 32-year-old police officer with the rank of Brigadier General from Khan Chbar Ampov.

Currently, the perpetrator is being questioned by the Chamkar Mon district authorities, and a woman owner of theshop has also been summoned by the police to the Chamkar Mon district inspectorate to find out the real reason behind the incident. NKD

EDIT: The owner of the shop later clarified that there was no dispute between her or the officer, and a minor argument had broken out among friends drinking together. The relevant parties also coordinated to reconcile and end the matter.

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