Angry At Thief Accusations, Teen Poisons Village Dogs

Pursat: According to reports, seven dogs were poisoned in front of their owner’s house at 22:15 on 7 August 2020 at Svay Ath village, Svay Ath commune, Pursat city, Pursat province.

When their owners came down, they found the dogs lying dead in front of the houses.

Sources at the scene said that before the incident, the villagers accused Mom Virak, a 17-year-old male of being a thief.

This was heard by the teenager, who became angry and took poison and mixed with pork and fed it to dogs at four different properties.  Sources said that after seeing this, the dog owners immediately went to complain to the authorities.

According to the Svay Ath Administration Police Station, after receiving the victims complaints, the police arrived at the scene to search for Mom Virak, and take him to Svay Ath Administrative Police Station for questioning. 

After the police caught him, Mom Virak admitted that he had committed these acts because he was angry with the villagers who had accused him of being a thief. Police said that after listening to the confession of the perpetrator, he was arrested and sent to the Pursat City Police Inspector for further action. POST NEWS

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