Kampong Speu Could Become ‘Third Largest Commercial Province’

Kampong Speu: Four different construction companies from China have announced their plans to invest and develop the construction sector in Kampong Speu province by building high-rise buildings to serve the commercial sector in the region.

Kampong Speu Provincial Governor Vy Samnang confirmed by telephone over the weekend that after the COVID-19 epidemic had calmed down recently, many Chinese investors had come to study and discuss projects. Their investment in Kampong Speu is in a number of key sectors, including plans to build commercial buildings.

“Since the epidemic has been declining for the last two months, they (Chinese investors) have come in large numbers , including old investors who left before the outbreak and newcomers come to learn about investment opportunities, along with the presentation of their plans.”

According to the governor, the investment target of Chinese investors in Kampong Speu province is that apart from industry, factories, large-scale enterprises, there is also a high level of agriculture from the point of cultivation, processing and packaging for export to foreign markets. In addition, there are investments in real estate, condominiums and commercial buildings in Chbar Morn (*provincial capital), and there are also plans to invest in higher education.

Kampong Speu Provincial Governor Mr. Vy Samnang continued, “Almost every week, there is a meeting with Chinese business representatives. On the weekend, there are Chinese companies that invest in higher education to establish universities….. after collaborating with local companies to train economic and financial human resources.”

He said that earlier this month, representatives of construction companies in China came to discuss and present their plans to invest in Kampong Speu because they saw the momentum of growth. In particular, the area has large factories, and they believe that in the future, Kampong Speu will become the largest commercial province in Cambodia after Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. PROPERTYAREA

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