Transgender Arrested For Trafficking 5 Pailin Teens

Pailin:  Police sent a well-known prostitute to the Pailin Provincial Court in connection with taking underage girls to sell to a rich man.

The trafficker was sent to the Provincial Court on the afternoon of August 6 by the Anti-Human Trafficking Office in collaboration with the Pailin Provincial Police Office. 2020 after being arrested at Otapuk Krom village, Toul Lvea commune, Pailin city.

The well-known transgender named Long Ya, 28, stands accused of using 5 female victims aged 16-17 for sex trafficking in Pailin city.

The person was arrested on August 3, 2020 at Otapuk Krom village, Tuol Lvea commune, Pailin city, Pailin province. AREY

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