Dauntri Dam- Korean Civil Engineering Project In Battambang

The Dountri Dam Development Project, located about 90 km northwest of Battambang City, is a concession financing project of the Republic of Korea.

The project started construction on June 25, 2018 and is scheduled to be completed in 2023. To date, the work has achieved about 26% of the total workload of the project. After the construction is completed, the Dauntri Dam Development Project will be able to supply water for irrigation to thousands of hectares of rice fields.

The Dauntri Dam Development Project is a historic new irrigation system for Cambodia. Construction requires the use of new methods that have never been used in Cambodia in the past, such as tunneling through mountains, quarrying in unfavorable geological conditions, and methods of strengthening the foundations.

The project will not only provide water for increasing agricultural production in both the wet and dry seasons, but also contribute to the supply of clean water and flood relief in some surrounding areas. KPT

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