Foreigner In Tuk Tuk Injured As Prius Crashes Into Vehicles

Phnom Penh: A Prius car crashed into a tuk tuk, a Lexus RX350, and a 36000 L fuel truck, causing severe damage and injuring a foreigner. The incident occurred at 1:40 am. August 6, 2020, located along the corner of Preah Monivong Street and Street 110 in Srah Chak Sangkat, Daun Penh District, Phnom Penh.

The Prius first crashed into a tuk tuk, which was carrying a foreign passenger, causing the passenger serious injuries. The car then tried to drive away, but hit a Lexus RX350 and a 36000L tanker that was crossing the road.

According to sources at the scene, prior to the incident, the tuk tuk was carrying a foreign man along Norodom. When arriving at Preah Ang Duong Hospital traffic light, a black Toyota Prius with license plate Phnom Penh 2BG-7924 ​​hit the tuk tuk from behind, causing the trailer to break off.

The Prius driver tried to drive away, reaching Monivong Blvd in front of Srah Chak Police Station, and crashed into the tanker and Lexus. The tanker was badly damaged, but the fuel tank did not explode.

The foreign man was seriously injured and sent to Calmette Hospital. All vehicles were taken for storage, and there is no word yet on the Prius driver. MCPN

UPDATE: While at least 2 news outlets have linked the incidents, POST NEWS are now reporting that the Lexus was chasing the Prius after the tuk tuk crash. The Lexus driver is described as ‘a foreign man with a woman passenger’.

The Prius driver blamed the Lexus for the accident, saying he hit the tuk tuk after he swerved to avoid the speeding Lexus.

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