Battambang Kids Rob Phone Shop

Battambang Province: On Monday August 3, police in Ek Phnom District brought in 3 boys to be interrogated on suspicion of theft in Prek Kroch market, Prek Krouch village, Prek Narin commune, Ek Phnom district Battambang province.

During the interrogation, which was attended by their parents, the young suspects confessed that they had indeed broken through the walls of a stall to steal property.

Two boys aged 13 and another aged 10 admitted that at around 1:30 AM on August 2, 2020 they broke through the wall of a mobile phone stall and stole some property, including:
1- 6 mobile phones
2- 4 Speakers
3- 4 Power Bank units

During the operation, the police recovered the stolen property and returned it to the owner, while the suspects, with the recommendation of Mr. Bonnara, the Battambang Provincial Prosecutor, were given an educational contract in front of their guardians because they are still minors.

Lieutenant Colonel Lim Puthyla, Deputy Commissioner of Criminal Planning, appealed to local people to cooperate with the police and provide timely information in case of any crime for the authorities. At the same time, he requested the parents of children to monitor and educate them regularly so that they do not engage in illegal activities at such a young age. NKD

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