$1 Billion Resort Plans For Ream Beach

Sihanoukville : A world-class crystal swimming pool will be unveiled on Sihanoukville’s Ream Beach, highlighting the beach’s most iconic beauty at a massive new development project called Crystalville Ream Beach. The project has a total investment of about $ 1 billion.

This world-class, crystal-clear artificial pool, built by Singaporean experts, will take shape in the heart of the Crystalville Ream Beach development project.

Lim Sokha Davin, Managing Director of Crystalville Ream Beach, recently revealed that this amazing pool will be a symbol in the joint development project, with a total investment of about 1 billion dollars.

“In this project, the development of luxury villas and villas, which is a joint venture between local company FURI Corporation and a large real estate investment company from Singapore, is part of the project,” she said.

In the initial phase, the villa project will have only 100 units, along with the development of the first luxury and regional crystal swimming pool (Crystal Swimming Pool) with a size of up to 6 hectares in the center, and will attract visitors from across the world.

The Crystalville Ream Beach project is being developed on a 43-hectare site in Ream beach, and has been divided into three phases of construction. In the first phase, the company will build 100 vacation homes (3 types of villas, beach villas and mangrove villas) in 2 years.

The second phase will start the construction of the Crystal Swimming Pool, which is up to 6 hectares in size under the expertise of a company from Singapore, and is also a feature at the heart of the Crystalville Ream Beach project. In the third phase, the company will begin construction of a business center, including condominiums, apartments, five-star hotels, as well as a shopping mall focused on food and project services. PROPERTYAREA

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