Bassac Gambling Room Raided

Phnom Penh: A large “fishing game” business (Imperial Recreation Center) located next to Street 78 in Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkar Morn was raided in a large-scale crackdown at 12 midnight on July 27, 2020.

According to sources from people who do business near the site, this fishing game site has been open for a long time and there are always men and women, both Cambodians and many Chinese people who came to visit. On the night of the incident, suddenly, many military police came down to crack down and arrested many men and women, handcuffed them and sent them away on trucks.

The players were sent to the Phnom Penh Gendarmerie Headquarters for questioning and to build a case file. However, the fishing game equipment and other gambling machines were not yet confiscated, but the location was temporarily closed. NKD

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