Sex Worker Complains After Customer Beats And Robs Her

Phnom Penh: According to the report, a sex worker shouted in front of the guesthouse, upset.

She said a man who took her as a client did not give her money and even stole jewelry. She went to complain to the authorities for help at 2 am on July 23, 2020 in front of the Apsara Guesthouse Mongkul, Damnak Thom 3 village, Sangkat Stung Meanchey 3, Khan Meanchey.

According to the source, the woman had been a sex worker for almost a month, and could not remember the exact day that a man came to her as a client offering $ 30. At that time, she agreed to go with the man on a motorcycle to a secluded spot in Prey Sar. The man forced her under a palm tree and assaulted her twice.

The woman said that the man used violence against her and took her jewelry, even though she said it was fake. The man then went away without paying her any money.

The same source continued that when the night of the incident, she was called by the man to sleep in the guesthouse above, while they were bargaining in the dark, their faces were not clear. When she arrived at the guesthouse, she noticed that it was the man who had forced her under a palm tree, beat and robbed her. She shouted for people to find the authorities to help at once.

The local police arrived at the scene and inquired about the case. As this did not happen in Sangkat Stung Meanchey 3, but in Khan Dangkor, the Dangkor district authorities were contacted to come to the scene to bring the victim to be questioned.

Later, the local authorities asked the woman whether she had filed a complaint or not. The woman said she had not filed a complaint. Therefore, the authorities said that the victim must file a complaint in the area where the incident occurred, then the authorities will take action.

After the incident, and speaking with the woman, the police withdrew, but the woman did not know what to do. The man accused did not leave the guest room, and stayed hidden in the room. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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