Ministry: Quarantined Man Did Not Die From COVID-19

Phnom Penh: An announcement of the Ministry of Health on the night of July 23 , 2020, confirmed and explained the case of a 21-year-old man who died during during quarantine isolation in Tbong Khmum province.

The notice from the Ministry of Health stated that the man died on 22 July 2020 , at 19.30 while in quarantine in Chattalysak Center, a Primary School in Village 5, Svay Khleang Commune, Krouch Chhmar District , Tbong Khmum Province .

The Ministry of Health said that through interrogation of the 32-year- old brother, who was a frequent visitor (*surely just in phone contact with?) the deceased, he told Tbong Khmum Provincial Health Team that the deceased had a cold for two to three days and then used his brother to buy medicine from outside the center.

1: Paracetamol 500mg 1 tablet ( 4 tablets in total )

2: Dexamethasone 4mg 1 tablet ( 4 tablets in total )

3: Chlopheniramine 4mg 1 tablet ( 4 tablets in total )

4: Tetracicliyne 250mg 1 tablet ( 4 tablets in total )

5: Moxy Cold (*amoxicillin?)1 tablet ( 4 tablets in total ) .

The Ministry of Health said that the use of the medications above was kept secret from the doctors who examined his health daily, and the drug was taken by the deceased when eating food. At 18.45 of that day, the patient showed symptoms of suffocation, faint breathing, and went into a coma. Even though doctors tried to save him, they could not.

After the incident, the Tbong Khmum provincial forensic team initially concluded that it was a case of death due to suffocation, but also had to wait for the results from the laboratory.

Based on the above facts, it is a preliminary conclusion that the deaths may be caused by 1. Second sudden gusts of ‘wind’ (known as Kjol kor)

2. Reactions from using different medications 

3. Taking too many medicines at the same time can cause choking and sore throat, or other specific health problems.

Samples of the bodies were then tested at the Institut Pasteur in Phnom Penh to determine the presence of COVID 19 .

The Ministry of Health stated: ” As a result of the analysis of the Pasteur Laboratory of Cambodia , obtained on July 23 , 2020 at 18:00 pm , showed  negative for COVID-19 virus….. Therefore, the conclusion of the death may be due to suffocation combined with taking too many drugs that his body could not stand . ” NKD

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