UPDATE: 6 Year Old Stung To Death In Takeo

Takeo Province : A 6-year-old boy named Kakda was killed after he was attacked by insects. An elderly woman was blinded, and taken to hospital.

This incident happened on July 21, 2020 in Poun village, Pechsar commune, Koh Andet district. The exact cause has not been confirmed yet, but is believed to have been from bees/wasps/hornets (unclear). EDIT: ឪម៉ាល់ described here as “the name of a species of bumblebee with a very venomous sting, making nests in small holes together.”- Said to be a banded hornet in English.

UPDATE: The incident happened on July 21, 2020 at around 9 am in Poun village, Pechsar commune, Koh Andet district. That morning, the grandmother, 62-year-old Jen Oeun, took her young grandson, Mon Kakada, with her to cut a tree at the back of the house. Accidentally, during the cutting, he touched the nest of the ឪម៉ាល់ ‘ahmeahl’, and was stung by many insects. The boy died on the way home, while his grandmother suffered serious blindness and is being treated at a referral hospital in Kirivong district.

Regarding cases of stings, the following primary treatment methods are advised:

1. Remove its sting:
After a bee stings, it often leaves its stinger on the human body. You can remove it with tweezers or other objects. But if you use your hands or other tools, do not forget to wash your hands and things before using them. Also, remove the sting very carefully, without squeezing the wound, to prevent the poison from entering the victim’s body.

2. Use a cool cloth or towel:
After being stung, the body will inevitably become inflamed and swollen. We can reduce it by simply applying a cool cloth or towel to the affected area.

3. Treat the stunged area:
Wash the area with soap and honey or toothpaste. Then cover the area with a clean cloth or cotton ball.

If using honey, leave the honey on the wound for 1 hour, but if using toothpaste, leave it for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse.

Finally, you need to see a doctor because the above method is only a first aid. If the symptoms are very severe and the above method can not help relieve, consult a specialist. KBN

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One thought on “UPDATE: 6 Year Old Stung To Death In Takeo

  • November 7, 2021 at 1:12 am

    I got attacked by those wasps which locals call “Omal” (probably from the french “oh femal” which means oh it hurts). While working on a watertower 6 meter above ground i noticed a regular size wasp nest but there was only 1 lingering around so i thought nothing of it. Seconds later the swarm was all over me and i slid down the ladder to make it to my moto. The animals stung me several times, luckyli not in my throught or face which would have killed me due to the swelling which would eventually kill you. I raced to the SKMH Hospital in Kampot which was a 5 minute ride but the pain was already overwhelming. A young khmer doctor got it right and gave me morphine while the pain still continued although a little less. I stayed at the Hospital over night and was fine to go the next day. If there is a hospital nearby GO there immediately !!


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