New IT System Recorded Over 160,000 Foreigners Living in Cambodia

AKP Phnom Penh, July 21, 2020 —  

Some 160,000 foreigners living in Cambodia have registered through the information technology system introduced recently by the Ministry of Interior.

The update was shared by H.E. Kiet Chantharith, Director General of Immigration in a meeting to review the work results of the General Department of Immigration at the Ministry of Interior recently.

With the new system, competent Cambodian authorities can track foreigners living in Cambodia to better manage their activities as well as their legitimacy.

However, he underlined that the registration system cannot achieve its accuracy and transparency without complete declaration by owners of locations, buildings and the like where the foreigners are living.

H.E. Kiet Chantharith called on those building and location owners to join hands with the authorities to ensure the effectiveness of the application of the registration system of foreigners living in Cambodia.

COVID-19 outbreak has reduced the number of foreign​ arrivals in Cambodia by three-folds to about 1 million, compared to the first six months of 2019, he added. AKP

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