Australian Given Citizenship After Land Dispute

Phnom Penh: Sen Santepheap is the new Cambodian name of Mr. Peter Mark Campbell , a 64-year-old Australian, who was granted fast-trac citizenship.

According to the official Facebook page of Mr. Duong Dara, the personal assistant of the Prime Minister, posted on the morning of July 20, said that the King of Cambodia signed on July 17, 2020 to give Cambodian citizenship to Mr. Campbell, now known as called Sen Santepheap.

Mr. Duong Dara wrote on Facebook, “Hopefully from now on, Mr. Santepheap will live happily and have full rights in as a Cambodian citizen, an opportunity life on Cambodian soil! I would like to thank Samdech Techo for the greatest mercy and love that Samdech has always had for the people. There is no discrimination. We join to build good deeds, share love and smiles and have compassion for our people everywhere.”

Please be informed that on July 9, Mr. Duong Dara participated in mediation to end a dispute between Mr. Campbell from Australia, who came to buy land to build a resort in Kampot province with his ex-girlfriend Tra Chan Srey Lin. 

He will get back more than $ 520,000 in principal plus some of the profits from the sale of the real estate, and hopes that he will live happily for the rest of his life in Cambodia. As for Tra Chan Srey Lin, she received a tourist boat and a profit from the sale of land (each received 50% of the profit for selling 2 plots of land).

The Australian trusted his Cambodian girlfriend to buy some real estate in Kampot to be a resort, but in the end his girlfriend sold the land. In the face of such injustice, the Australian man appealed to the PM . Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen helped solve and kindly give him Khmer citizenship to continue living in the last life as a Cambodian and have full rights to purchase and sell real estate legally.

Mr. Sen Santepheap described with tears in his eyes: “Samdech Techo Hun Sen is really an angel living on Cambodian soil. Samdech Techo embraced me to become a new Cambodian citizen in Cambodia, Samdech is not only a good leader But he is an outstanding diplomat who has made Cambodia prosperous, and connected. Excellent diplomacy with friendly countries. Samdech Techo always loves and cares for the well-being of people of all walks of life- as well as the well-being of all foreigners in Cambodia.” KBN

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