Techno Tuk-Tuk Rave, Sir?

Power to the Tuk Tuk!

The tuk-tuk is the most popular form of transport for most Cambodians. So how to take this iconic symbol of SE Asia and turn it into an immersive experience? It took two long-term ex-pats in Cambodia to come up with the ingenious idea of a mobile event organization service called ‘’Tuk Tuk Beats’’ which is taking Cambodia’s coastline by storm. With its in-built state of the art sound system, lighting, smoke machine, and a DJ booth, this never-seen-before tuk-tuk can start a party anywhere – even on the water.

The Tuk Tuk Beats team is determined to make 2020 great again by redesigning a Cambodian icon into a one-stop-shop for all your event needs. Whether it is a garden party, an all-night rave, or a birthday in the park, Tuk-Tuk Beats has got you covered. They have even refashioned another tuk-tuk into a camper van, which can travel anywhere using solar power.

So how did this rather unusual entrepreneurial start-up begin? Co-founder Kris Kelder, explains, ‘’This project came about as we have seen Cambodia calling out for something new, something fresh. Kampot seemed like this little hidden paradise, with its rich jungle, beautiful river, and secret beaches dotted around the base of Bokor Mountain”. So, along with business partner Gru, they began building a business that has helped catapult Kampot into a tourist destination of its own accord. People want to experience alternative types of entertainment – not just girly bars or pub crawls. Tuk Tuk Beats offers just that – along with a promise of some of the world’s best beats, sunrises, and sunsets.

Following the success of their camper tuk-tuk transformation, Kris and Gru set about transforming another tuk-tuk into a magical movable party. What most people would simply regard as a convenient means of transporting goods (and people of course) from A to B is now driving around the countryside bringing joy and happiness.It has not all been without drama though, as is to be expected in the land of limitless possibility.

Not long ago, Tuk Tuk Beats took to the stage on Kampot river and hosted what must be one of the first parties where you can imagine you are standing on water while watching the light reflections dance with you. However, getting the tuk-tuk out into the middle of the water very nearly did not happen. Of course, let’s not forget that tuk-tuks were not designed to be very boat-friendly. Kris recalled the “somewhat tense” few moments prior to set-up as the tuk-tuk had to precariously mount the rickety pontoon and slowly maneuver its way onto a deck in the open river. He said he “Only minorly avoided a completely fatal capsize as he was holding the tuk-tuk up out of the water with my leg” but luckily those big sturdy boots helped, everyone breathed again, and history was made. Maybe underwater techno could be the new thing after underground techno but for now, the tuk-tuk is not quite waterproof enough.

Tuk Tuk Beats brings you an independent mobile tuk-tuk DJ booth which has proven to be a big hit in Kampot already but you can hire them anywhere, any time, for any type of event. Cambodia is the Kingdom of Wonder after all!

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