Health Ministry Looking For Khmer-American Who Fled Quarantine

Phnom Penh: On July 18, 2020, according to a telegram notification of the Secretary of State and spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, said that a Cambodian-American woman named Vira Rose Le escaped from quarantine.

It was confirmed that the Cambodian-American woman arrived in Cambodia on July 15, 2020. The woman was traveling with two US embassy officials who were diagnosed with COVID-19 on July 16. The woman was placed in a hotel room in Phnom Penh.

On the night of July 17, the woman stayed in her room normally. At around 7 am on July 18, it was found she had gone missing.

The Secretary of State confirmed that as of this afternoon, law enforcement forces are searching for the woman. She also called on residents who might the woman in the photo to immediately report to local authorities. KBN

UPDATE: A video release by FRESH NEWS appears to show the woman taking her passport from an unguarded office.

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