Secret Chinese ‘Special Massage’ Parlor Facebook Promotion

Phnom Penh: According to the Facebook page of a Chinese massage parlor, the business offers sex services. The Chinese-language Facebook page states that they have beautiful young women under the age of 20 who will provide “warm and honest customer service”.

The massage parlor also mentions that there are many beautiful new staff, including students, workers and models of all nationalities from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam, all of which are friendly to customers.

The store also states that their place offers a special service located in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville with massage and spa in a hotel.

However, this massage shop does not set the exact location, just a phone number (a 096 line) for customers to make a reservation. Once opened, there will be a car to pick up customers and take them to the place.

The business seems to be aimed at Chinese customers, with prices ranging from $ 79 to $ 319, and a service time of 90 minutes.

The massage shop that has a special service is being promoted on Facebook. The relevant professional authorities have not yet found the location.


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