Cambodian Confesses To Murder On Thai Fishing Boat

Thailand: A Cambodian crewman is accused of murdering a fellow national on a fishing boat off the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat in the Gulf of Thailand. The incident took place on July 12. The deputy chief of Tha Sala police said the skipper of the fishing boat reported the death by calling in via radio. The alleged killer, 41 year old Long Nai, was handed over to the police upon the boat arriving at the Ban Dan Phasi boat pier in Tha Sala district. 

The boat reportedly came in late at night at around 11:30 pm.Police say the victim, 48 year old Vichai Van, was stabbed and battered when they found him in the crew quarters upon the boat arriving.  Both men were Cambodians and allegedly had a deeply personal conflict.  Other members of the crew have told police that the two had several fistfights.

The skipper, who says he witnessed the murder, said Vichai was killed while sleeping in a hammock, as the suspect allegedly attacked him with a knife and iron pipe-stabbing him and beating him repeatedly. He then said he locked the suspect in the room with the victim’s body so he could call the police.

Long has allegedly admitted to the crime. THAIGER

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