Photos Of Khmer Rouge Era

A collection of Khmer Rouge images and photos found across social media and the internet. Mostly propaganda and personal images, not of the horrors faced by the people under the regime.

Photos of old Cambodia

1980’s War & Refugee photos

“Cambodians enthusiastically plunge into agricultural production” China Pictoral, Beijing printed magazine
Women at the rice mill in Saang Koh Thom sifting rice for the construction site, water management system, dryland construction site and nutrition front.

Archiving (DC-Cam)
Albanian news photo of factory near PP, 1978
The Khmer Rouge regime printed money, which was never used
Chinese ‘advisors’ and KR, Siem Reap, late 1970’s
Family, 1975
Khoy Thoun, leading KR member, later executed at S-21 during the purges of 1977
Ponchentong, 1975
Eastern zone
Women fighters, Eastern Zone
Khmer Rouge wedding ceremony (looks like pre-Soviet split)

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