Laotians Caught With Suitcase Of Meth On Border

 Stung Treng: Two Laos nationals were arrested for drug smuggling on the border.

This operation took place in Borey O’Svay Senchey district, Stung Treng province on the evening of July 11, 2020.

The police confirmed that the first Laotian suspect arrested was Su Ban, a 32-year-old man from Na Seng Kham village, Sai district, Udom Sai province. The second suspect was Chandy, a 31-year-old man living in Pheang Nhor village. Sai District, Udom Sai Province.

During the operation to crack down on cross-border drug trafficking, police confiscated six packages of drugs (*once again disguised as Chinese tea), equivalent to 5986.29 grams, as evidence, which were hidden in a suitcase. After detaining the two Laotians, along with the drugs, authorities sent suspects from the Cambodia-Laos border to the Stung Treng Provincial Police.


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