Hotel & Casino Suppliers Offering Best Price COVID-19 Protection

(Sponsored) The COVID-19 pandemic has spread misery and hardship around the world- with Cambodia being no exception. The Kingdom has been fortunate to avoid any major outbreak, but with international travel resuming, the risk of a ‘second wave’ outbreak should be of concern to all.

Now as restrictions begin to be lifted, it is a paramount time for the hospitality and tourism industries to try to recover from the economic fallout caused, and face challenges on how keep both employers and customers safe from infection.

To help businesses meet new government health regulations and renew confidence in the Kingdom’s once renowned hospitality sector, which is so important for countless jobs and the nation’s image, Phnom Penh Avi Hotel Supply have stock specifically designed to help business stay safe from the coronavirus. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufactured to the highest safety standards is now in stock at the lowest prices in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh Avi Hotel Supply has been supplying businesses in Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh since 2012 and has the biggest showroom for hotel supplies in Cambodia. The Phnom Penh showroom is 3600 m/2 and located along Hanoi Rd in Sen Sok district

CEO, Mr. Avi Cohen said:

Our vision is to provide the best quality of everything needed for hotels- from 2 star to 5 Star, and we give warranty all our products such as linen, generators and kitchen equipment for 3 years.

Our outdoor furniture and mattress all come with a 10-year warranty,

Under the high-quality brand from China- Taitang Group- PPE items to help prevent the spread of coronavirus have not been imported for profit, but to offer support to our hotel and casino costumers, both old and news. These are highest quality items available now for the cheapest possible cost to help businesses in this time of crisis.”

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If you are involved in the hospitality/tourist industry and would like to tell Cambodia how you are planning to move forward in these difficult times, please send an email to [email protected]

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