Mod Trucker Ordered To Cease

Phnom Penh: A six wheeler truck, covered with hundreds of portraits of cartoon characters, flickering lights, many rear view mirrors and a souped up exhaust was stopped by traffic police.

Of particular interest was the three-cylinder exhaust system, which sounds like thunder, and has been disturbing residents and travelers daily. The stop was led by Khum Sun Soda, the district governor, and was attended by Mr. Seng Kunth, the governor. The deputy of the department stopped the vehicle and ordered and educated the owner to stop the modifications. The operation took place at 9 am on July 7, 2020 at 42nd Street in Boeung Thom District. Phnom Penh City.

The Nissan Diesel sedan, RHD with license plate. KPS-0682, was driven young man, about 20 years old. He seems to love something different, and he does not know it is illegal, against traffic rules, and technically wrong to “act like a fool”. 

According to the source, villagers were very upset because of the noise from the triple exhaust. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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