Battambang Police Raid Roof Rain Gambling Office

Battambang: On Friday July 3, 2020, at 14:30, Lieutenant General Ouch Sokhon, Commissioner of Police of Battambang Province, ordered Lieutenant-Colonel Lim Puthyla, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Criminal Police, to lead forces to investigate a building in a rice field near the village of Svay Khleang 2, Sangkat Chamkar Morn, Battambang City.

Colonel Lim Puthyla, deputy commissioner, who led the operation, said that because of the geography the suspects saw them coming and fled the scene, but left behind some evidence including:

1 rain catcher, 6 contact radios, 3 contact radios, 2 black Honda Dream Cs.

The deputy commissioner stated that although the perpetrators had escaped from the site, the police would continue to identify them and dismantle the site. POST NEWS

*Gambling on rainfall is a traditional, but illegal pastime, especially in Battambang. Accounts can be read HERE, HERE and HERE

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