Filipinos ‘Stalk Cambodian Students’ Online

Local Twitter users on Wednesday called out Filipino online users who “stalked” some students of a school in Cambodia on Facebook.

The name of the school called American Intercon School (AIS) located in Phnom Penh in Cambodia suddenly trended on Twitter following the wave of criticisms against the creepy behavior.

As of writing, the official Facebook page of the school could no longer be accessed after its students received an overflow of public engagements from random online users.

Twitter user @Rflvictor took to Twitter to call out the Filipino Facebook users who created a group where they share the screenshots of Cambodian students’ profiles lifted from AIS’s Facebook page for others to interact with.

He said that the foreign students are already complaining about their privacy.

“Filipinos are weird to the extent where they actually found the names of the people in the publicity posts of the American Intercon School in Cambodia,” the Twitter user said.

“Ang lala talaga. They’re now complaining about their privacy being taken away from them. Basic decency naman, Oh,” he added.

Ther Facebook group is called “Samahan ng m

ga tirador ng taga American Intercon School,” wherein members share their private messages with the students, the students’ profiles and memes about them.

Based on its About page, the group page was only created last June 30. It could also still be publicly accessed.

Another user @nekkkkkooo denounced those who shared lewd comments and messages about the foreign students, particularly about children, in other group pages.“I swear, these Filipinos are creepy and stalkers. They’re literally messaging every student that’s studying from the American Intercon School. And now they’re making fun of us (Filipinos),” the Twitter user said

Facebook user Richésse Nouvelle, meanwhile, shared a screenshot of a Facebook post which she said came from one of the students.

“You, people who stalked and invaded somebody else’s privacy, still had the guts to joke about what you did? You are all disgusting,” said Nouvelle.

Based on the attached images, a user named Kong Darethfinann decried that his privacy had been invaded after several Filipino users tried to add him and interact with him on the platform.


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