Illegal Timber Found Hidden In Pond

Stung Treng:   On June 24, 2020, after receiving information about illegal logging, Brigadier General Ieng Vandy, Commander of the Provincial Gendarmerie, issued an order to the local commander and police in Borei O’Svay Sen district to investigate.

An investigation into forest crimes uncovered a lumber without a permit from the Forestry Administration. A total of 144 types of planks (8,818 m3) were found hidden under the water in a pond next to National Road 7 in Rithy Sen Chey Village 2 (Appendix), O’Svay Commune, Borey O’Svay District Sen Chey II. The owner could not be found. 

Authorities from Siem Pang took the wood to the Forestry Administration office, and a search is on for the owner to be punished by law. AREY

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