Sihanoukville Sidewalk Sellers Protest Ban

Sihanoukville: About 100 mobile traders came to protest for the Municipal Administration to reconsider the ban on them in selling public places. The protest took place on the morning of June 22, 2020 in front of the City Hall.

The sellers, who are mostly from other provinces, stressed they had no intention of protesting against the Sihanoukville leadership, but only request that the leaders of the city reconsider the ban and allow them return to their normal business because they had no home or a real place to sell and to support their families.

If the city leaders don’t let them sell anymore, they will face more trouble, for most of them have borrowed money from banks or lenders to start the mobile businesses.

Sihanoukville City Hall officials have confirmed that the city administration has no intention of backing down on the issue because the sellers are affecting public order and have an impact on order and hygiene, especially on defecation in public, as they sleep in the vehicles. Therefore, they ae asked again to do business in a way that does not affect the order of the city, which is developing in all sectors, especially the infrastructure, roads, and public gardens. KBN

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