Boat Owners Clash on Tonle Sap

Phnom Penh: A tourist boat was damaged by a couple of boat owners from the Mekong Star, who docked near the boat and pulled out an ax and threw gasoline on June 18, 2020 on the Tonle Sap river in front of FCC, Preah Sisowath Quay, Daun Penh District, Phnom Penh.

According to the woman, the owner of the victim’s boat, named Touch Chheang Meng, 40, on the evening of June 18, they were docked when suddenly the boat (Mekong Star) docked near them and were cursed by a man named Ra. The man pulled an ax and smashed their boat’s, causing serious damage.¬†The wife of the attacker also was involved, scaring the tourists on the boat.

At about 9 pm on the same day, the boat returned to allow the guests to disembark and were attacked again.

After that, the victim filed a complaint to the police. Immediately upon receiving this information, the Daun Penh district authority, led by Colonel Tieng Chan Sar, the district police chief, cooperated with the water rescue forces to search and arrest a man. The woman was also taken to the Daun Penh district police station for questioning.

The reason for the fighting was reported to stem from a dispute over mooring spaces. NKD

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