Police Search For More Killer Wine After 6 Deaths

Poipet: Six Cambodians are now reported as having died from drinking ‘Taing Kuy’ wine. Others are still in hospital. Local authorities in Banteay Meanchey province began searching all markets, large and small, to take away more bottles of the alcohol.

On July 9, four people died, and on the morning of June 11, two others died from drinking Taing Kuy.

The Poipet Police Inspectorate confirmed that five stores located in some markets in Poipet had more than 5,000 bottles, which were taken away. KPT

On the afternoon of June 11, 2020, Phnom Penh police went to a warehouse in Chroy Changvar district, thought to be involved with production of the wine. The report says authorities found a large amount of material which they suspect had been disposed of outside. There was no more information given on any arrests or evidence.

UPDATE: According to the sources, brewer Chao Sovann, male 65, and his wife Nong Ja Kea, 60, locked the house and destroyed the evidence two days ago, and at 4:50 pm, 1,000 liters of plastic bottles and containers were taken. POST NEWS

UPDATE: The wine was tested and found to have high levels of methanol. 13,989 bottles were seized, totaling 6,994.5 liters.

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