Murder In Takhmao

Kandal: On June 8, 2020 at 6:00 pm, in Prek Samrong village, Prek Samrong village, Sangkat Roka High, Takhmao Town, Kandal, the body of an unidentified man, about 50 years old, was discovered.

A black helmet and pair of black sandals were found nearby.

According to the residents nearby, the body was found under the bridge of Prek Sam Ath village in Prek Samrong village, near Roka High School. Takhmao city..

Authorities found that the body of the deceased man had been hacked by a large blade about the head.

The examination of the Kandal Provincial Technical Experts, crime scene analysis and the court doctor concluded the man was murdered. The body was taken to Chhouk Leap Pagoda.

Authorities continue to seek to identify the victims and relatives of the families to cooperate, and will investigate to identify suspects. POST NEWS

UPDATE: The victim was later identified as Ya Samak, 55.

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