Bullet Bling- Transforming Ammo Into Jewelry

Phnom Penh: Bullets can be scary, but jewelry is beautiful and attractive.

Although not as expensive as gold and diamonds, the business of making jewelry from old ammunition interests a large number of domestic and foreign visitors and can contribute to revenue for supporting the family.

Thoeun Chantha, who began working with bullets about 10 years ago, started with a small business.But with the support and help of his friends, he has expanded and now helped train many young staff.

The 39 year old from Pursat province has been living in Phnom Penh since 2010.

Asked how he bought the materials, Thoeun Chantha said “We order from the remnants of bombs which the CMAC dispose of and others are procured from the firing range and army training”

“Most of the customers who come to order will sell abroad and usually before the COVID crisis,” He can earn around $ 300 to $ 500 a month after spending between $2,000-3000 on supplies and salary to staff.

The business owner said that after a lot of orders from overseas, he decided to increase his staff in 2012, and has 10 employees who earn salaries or fees according to what they produce.

He said that lately he only worked with the family because there was no income to pay staff so he cut back (because of COVID-19). But if the situation improves he will invite them back.

More pictures of jewelry: KOHSANTEPHEAP

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