Another Dead Banteng Reported

Mondul Kiri province: Reports from Kaoh Nheaek district this morning say a dead banteng was found in Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary, by a group patrolling on June 3. The animal was found to be trapped in a hunter’s net/snare. The carcass, which appears to have been a female calf, was burned at the scene.

This would be the fourth wild cow to have been killed illegally in the past three weeks after two were found in Mondulkiri province and another in Oddar Meanchey last month. KOHSANTEPHEAP

According to a study, the population of banteng in Cambodia is between 2700 and 5700. This makes Cambodia home to one of the world’s most abundant populations, while the total population of in the world is estimated to be between 5900 and 11,000. Thailand and Indonesia also have a few hundred animals.

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