Appeal After Cambodia Town, Long Beach, Hit By Looting

Photos: United Cambodian Community of Long Beach.

The aftermath of the peaceful Long Beach Protest in support of Black Lives Matter took a volatile turn. There were many small businesses in Cambodia Town that were looted and destroyed. Cambodia Town holds the largest population of Cambodians outside of Cambodia. Long Beach is the home for many refugees that escaped the Khmer Rouge genocide, famine, and a violent communist regime. They were then displaced in a new country with nothing, and had to build a new life. We stand and support BLM and justices for all of those that have been wrongfully murdered from police. We still stand with our allies, that message hasn’t changed. The destruction of Long Beach is unfortunate. But we will stand together and rebuild our city.

I am not a member of an organization. I am the child of two Cambodian refugees. I was born and raised in Cambodia town. My family is there. Our businesses and livelihood are there. Our community and culture is there. I will be reaching out to Khmer organizations.

Please donate what you can and spread the word. Help clean up the businesses, help rebuild, and please provide support by shopping at these businesses once they’re up and running. With the global rise of xenophobia due to COVID-19 it has been difficult and violent for our community. Please raise awareness against racism. I promise to do my research and give 100% of the money donated to the businesses that have been destroyed. I will be formulating a list of all the businesses that have been hit and I will calculate the amount each shop will get, in accordance with the damage they’ve endured. Thank you.

I will be posting updates on my page: @gorl_fieri, or you can email me if you have any questions, comments, concerns: [email protected] GOFUNDME

‘Slim’ the jeweler protecting his shop (Instagram)

One thought on “Appeal After Cambodia Town, Long Beach, Hit By Looting

  • June 10, 2020 at 5:00 am

    You business owners are not smart: you learned nothing or forgot how Korean grocers protected their life savings from thugs in 1992! $0 from me! Good luck with insurance!


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