Rare Monkey Handed Over In Mondulkiri

Mondulkiri: The Provincial Department of Environmental Conservation in collaboration with WWF handed over rare monkeys on the afternoon of May 28, 2020. The two monkeys were given to Wildlife Conservation Officers of Wildlife Alliance for continuing protection and conservation.

The Douc Langur (red shanked duoc) is a rare primate, and an endangered species.

According to residents of Pou Trum Village, the monkey had been adopted by his brothers, but he learned that raising animals is a violation of the law. he and his family decided to hand over to the Mondulkiri Department of Environment for wildlife conservation.

The other monkey was handed over by villagers in Pout village in Bura commune, Mondulkiri province after it was being kept as a pet. The pig-tailed macaque is defined as vulnerable on the CITES list. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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