Women Arrested For PP Child Begging Racket

Phnom Penh: On May 27, 2020, two women were arrested and six children rescued after the children were used for begging at Chhouk Meas market point, in Kraing Thnong commune, Sen Sok district.

The suspects are Chet Thoeun, 58, and Nuon Touch, 28.

Both suspects confessed that each morning they transport the children via PassApp or tuk tuk to the lotus market to beg in the market and then transport the children to the pagoda (*Chhwa Wai?). Each child is asked to earn 20,000 riel to 40,000 riel each day.

The two suspects are being investigated by law enforcement. All six children were taken to Phnom Penh’s Department of Social Affairs for care. AREY

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