Mango Thief Caught And Tied To Tree

Kandal province: A man was caught while trying to steal mangoes. He was tied up to a mango tree and reported to authorities to bring him in to take legal action.

The case took place at 10:30 am on May 23, 2020 at a point in Svay Cham village in Prek Pra commune, Koh Thom district.

The suspect was identified as Doung Rida, a 25-year-old male Khmer farmer living in Chong Prek Village, Preaek Commune, Koh Thom District, Kandal Province.

Authorities have said that people in Prek Village almost every day are complaining that their mangoes are being stolen, affecting their interests and livelihoods, but there is no evidence that this suspect is to blame.

On the morning of May 23, 2020, all mango farmers were cooperating to keep an eye out for anybody stealing mangoes. After catching the man he was lashed to a mango tree without being beaten or tortured.

The source then said the owner of the plant called the police at the Prek Prak administration. Later, the Prek Prak forces cooperated with the district authorities to bring the suspect in for questioning.

In front of the cops, Doung Rida confessed that he had actually stolen mangoes in order to sell. He also tested positive for drug use.

The suspect was arrested by the police and has been sent to court for legal action. KBN

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