34,833 Motorists Fined May 1-23

Phnom Penh:  After 23 days of tightening of the traffic law, Lieutenant General Chhay Kim Khorn, deputy commissioner and spokesman of the National Police said that officers following Sub-decree 39, from May 1 to 23, 2020, inspected and fined 34,833 vehicles, including 25,384 motorcycles and 9,449 other vehicles.

The Lieutenant General confirmed that on May 23, 2020, there were 9 motor vehicle accidents, 7 deaths, 5 injuries (3 serious injuries), and 1,429 vehicles were inspected and fined (967 motorcycles, 462 other vehicles).

Notable offenses for motorcycles are riding without helmets, traffic light violations, no license plates, overloading and use of cell phones. The offenses for cars/trucks were speeding, no seat belts, overloading, phone use and drunkenness.

He added that for the past 23 days, the implementation of the new sub-decree has gone well. NKD

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