Another Tuk Tuk Driver Apparently Spiked

Phnom Penh: A tuk-tuk driver was found disoriented and almost unconscious lying on the street. It is thought he had been drugged.

This incident caused a shock to the people and the local authority went to intervene at 11:40 pm on May 19, 2020, along Street 271 in Teuk Thla Khan Sen Sok.

According to the source, a man, who asked not to be named, who was selling the juices near the scene, he had earlier seen the victim driving an Indian tricycle Phnom Penh 1HL-7949, with a woman in the back, traveling north to south on Street 271. 

The victim then drove a tuk-tuk above and stopped in front of his store near the scene. The woman accompanying the victim came out to buy a glass of juice from his wife.

After a while, his wife prepared the juice and handed it to the suspect. The suspect was seen doing something unusual with the juice, and had a bag of white powder

The woman claimed that the white flour was sugar.

The suspect then handed the victim a glass of juice and proceeded on. Upon arriving at the scene, the victim stopped his tuk-tuk on the sidewalk, pulling into a quiet spot.

Moments later, the suspect walked out of the tuk-tuk to flee the scene. As soon as the witness got suspicious he went to see his victim, who was lying in the tuk-tuk. The witness tried to wake up the driver, but couldn’t and reported to local authorities to intervene. POST NEWS

A similar case was reported yesterday.

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