Study Begins On Battambang Airport

Battambang: A team of technicians last week began a study on the Battambang airport project, provincial governor, Nguon Ratanak told a press conference.

He added that, according to a private company, a team led by Mr. Setha Setha, secretary of state at the Ministry of Interior, a feasibility study was conducted last week on the possibility reopening the airport to make it operational to serve small planes. The study also wants to look at current market possibilities in the case of widening the runway.

“So the study has started and His Excellency, Mr. Sak Setha, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior, led the team. Firstly, the second group, the provincial administration with the Secretary of Civil Aviation, has set up a working group to study the impact there… “

The airport project assessment has not yet been able to put a price on the reconstruction.

In January authorities met with Emmanuel DIAS, General Manager of Airaviata (AAT) Cambodia Regional Airlines Company, at Battambang Provincial Hall. The purpose of the meeting was Emmanuel DIAS, General Manager of Airaviata Project (AAT), who presented the project to the Governor and he intends to invest in terminals and small aircraft.

This will also help boost tourism as well as more tourists in Battambang. The governor of Battambang province welcomed and supported plans to invest in the sector as well as revitalizing Battambang airport. He added that if the project is successful, it will be easier for travelers, especially those who travel faster to Phnom Penh and other provinces. KPT

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