UPDATE: Military Officer Shoots 2 And Flees With Guns & Ammo

Oddar Meanchey: A military officer shot dead his wife and the wife of another military officer, and escaped with at least one gun and 120 bullets.

The military officer has been named as Soeun Kan, 55, with the rank Chief Warrant Officer No. 070462.

According to Gen. Son Sea, Soeun shot and killed his 50-year-old wife and the 30-year-old wife of another military officer.

No more details have been given so far. KOHSANTEPEAP

UPDATE: According to KBN, the suspect later fired on police and was killed close by to the barracks after fire was returned.

Kohsantepheap says he killed himself after being surrounded at a house in Kang Chuon village, Beng commune. Banteay Ampil, Oddar Meanchey Province.

He reportedly shot his wife after an argument, and the man was said to be jealous. The other woman killed lives in the same village and tried to intervene.

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