No Fines For Vehicle Lights In Daytime

Phnom Penh: Traffic police will no longer fine drivers who leave lights on in the daytime.

Normally, imported vehicles from developed countries, conventional cars or second-hand cars, most of which come from the United States automatically have lights on at all times to comply with laws there.

According to Brigadier Tith Visal, it was explained at the National Road Traffic Law Forum aired on National Television of Cambodia on the morning of May 8, 2020.

Brig. Gen. Visal stated “There is no provision under this Article 39 for traffic police to impose a fine on daylight.”

Brig. Gen. Visal added that motorists often forget to turn off their lights if they have been driving at night into the day. “Please be clear, so don’t worry, the police will not penalize.” KBN

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