CPU Investigating Two Child Deaths

Suspicious Death of a 5 Day old Baby Girl

On the 7th of May at about 7pm the body of a baby girl that had been wrapped in a towel and placed in a black garbage bag was located discarded along the banks of the Tonle Sap River in Mok Kumjoul District, Kandal Province.

The CPU was notified, the HIT (homicide Investigations Team) and FST (Forensic Investigation Team) attended the scene and assisted Kandal Police Command in conducting a forensic examination of the scene and deceased. The child was estimated to have been between 3 to 5 days old.

Investigations are ongoing in regard to the circumstances of the death and inquiries with local hospitals and clinics are being conducted. The CPU ensured the baby girls was given a proper burial and Buddhist ceremony.

Investigations are ongoing.

Brutal Robbery and Murder of a 7 yr old.

On the 6th of May at approximately 4.30pm the body of a seven-year-old girl, Rong Srey Pic was found brutally beaten to death in bushland in Raingtoel Commune, Kandieng District in Pursat Province. The victim was partially naked and had been bound.

The CPU was notified and the HIT (Homicide Investigation Team) and FST (Forensic Services Team) attended the remote scene. Joint Task Force CHARLIE 20 was established in conjunction with the MOI and Pursat Police Command.

The crime scene was searched and a forensic examination of the deceased was conducted. As a result of investigations, a 21-year-old male suspect was detained in connection to the murder. It was noted that the child was missing her gold jewelry valued at approximately $150.00

The CPU Investigative teams remain at the scene conducting detailed forensic tests and collecting DNA samples from a variety of locations including the suspects home as well from individuals and items seized

“We will leave NO stone unturned to ensure we have the evidence to prosecute the individual responsible for this cowardly and brutal attack on a defenseless child. The injuries sustained by this child were horrific. The only suitable charges will be aggravated murder which carries a life sentence and we will do everything possible to achieve that result.”

James McCabe Director Operations CPU.

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