Almost 14,000 Motorists Fined In Traffic Law Enforcement

Phnom Penh: During the week from May 1-7, 2020, authorities enforcing the traffic laws stopped and fined 13,968 vehicles under sub-decree 39 nationwide. 10,815 were motorbikes and tricycles.

This is according to Lt. Gen. Chhay Kimkorn, deputy commissioner of the National Police and spokesman of the National Police.

The crime was mostly for motorcyclists not helmets, unlicensed vehicles, and the use of telephones while driving, the lieutenant general said. For car drivers, violations included not wearing seat belts, speed violations, overloading, no driver’s license and use of a telephone while driving.

Through this action, the General Inspector General of the National Police would like to assess that in this 7-day period, the implementation of the new Sub-decree on the Penalty of Motor Vehicles has been working very well.

“The enforcement of the fine of Article 39 is to compel citizens to turn back to the law, and while the cops have been fining, it is the people who committed the traffic offenses,” he said.

He added, “National police forces remain committed to continuing to enforce the Road Traffic Law….. to force all non-compliant persons to obey the law. Citizen participation is to reduce the risk of harm, to minimize the damage to people’s budgets, to reduce injury and death, and especially to engage citizens with the capacity to strengthen public order”.


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