New Traffic Laws Go Into Effect

Phnom Penh: On May 1, 2020, police forces across the country begin to tighten their traffic laws, raising the existing fines by 300-500%.

The traffic laws are in response to major traffic accidents last year.

Below are some of the penalties for violating the new Road Traffic Law from May 1st, 2020. All drivers are now expected to carry a drivers license at all times.

* For motorcycle or tuk-tuk or tricycle drivers:

1: A fine of 60,000 riel for drivers and passengers and children 3 years old or older for not wearing a helmet or wearing a helmet not up to standard.

2: Fines of 80,000 Riels for drivers using the phone while driving without any audio equipment connected.

3: A fine of 100,000 Riels for driving on a sidewalk or steering wheel or stepping. having a very loud engine, or excessive exhaust fumes.

4: Fines of 120,000 Riels for drivers without a driving license, or driving with license revoked, suspended, nullified or expired, driving without a license plate or license plate.

5. A fine of 150,000 riel for each driver racing without permission on public roads.

6. A fine of 250,000 Riels for drivers who are under the influence of alcohol, with an alcohol rate of 0.25 to 0.35 mg per liter of air, or from 0.5 to 0.79 g. Per liter of blood.

7. A fine of one million riel for drivers who are under the influence of alcohol at a rate of 0.40 mg / L, or 0.80 grams per liter of blood.

* For light and heavy vehicle drivers:

1: Driving without driving license, or for a period of time the driver’s license is revoked, suspended or annulled
* for a light vehicle with a fine of one million two hundred thousand Riels.
* For heavy vehicles, the fine is 2.4 million Riels.

2: Drunk drivers with alcohol rates of 0.40 mg / L, or from 0.80 g / L blood:
* 2m fine for light vehicles
* 4m fine for Heavy vehicles

In the event that the offender has already been subjected to a one-time interim fine, and continues to commit the offense within six months of the previous interim penalty and shall be punished in accordance with the Road Traffic Law. FAST NEWS

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