Kratie Farmer Finds UXO’s

Kratie: A 65-year-old farmer found 105 mm mortar rounds when he was plowing at 7:30 am on April 22, in Lumphat village, Oda commune, Kratie district. When he saw the munitions, he said, “he was terrified.” He reported his find to the local authorities.

Local officials then reported to CMAC Demining Unit to ask for help. After receiving this information, CMAC officials visited and searched the area and found 58 105 mm mortar rounds, which were still live and potentially dangerous.

The explosives had been buried in the ground, but were unearthed when the farmer’s tractor plowed some up, but luckily they did not explode.

CMAC officials are continuing their search of the area more ammunition to be destroyed, as the area is thought to contain more. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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