Australian Missionary Cleared Of Fraud Charges

Australian Christian missionary Martin Chan has been found not guilty of fraud in Cambodia, bringing an end to a four-year ordeal to clear his name.

  • Martin Chan was released on bail in February but has now been cleared of fraud in Cambodia
  • He spent four years fighting his case and was crammed into an 8×6 metre prison cell with over 90 prisoners
  • He and his wife are planning to stay in Cambodia and continue missionary work.

Mr Chan stood trial in Cambodia on charges of fraud, relating to a school building project he managed as a volunteer on behalf of a Christian-run organisation, HIS International Services.

But after a lengthy legal dispute, including his arrest and spending three months in a crowded prison cell, the missionary is grateful to be a free man.

“I’m relived to hear the result,” Mr Chan said.

“I was a bit worried. Sometimes the court is a bit unpredictable here in Cambodia.


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