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What is LZ Sea View Residences, and what does it have to do with furniture?

We are a real estate developer with a diverse portfolio of many properties worth slightly around $1 billion. Our latest activity has been building luxury apartment buildings in Sihanoukville for affordable prices.

An essential part of our work is meeting with our clients and discussing every detail of their vision for their dream home.

We respect our client’s desires for uniqueness, and that’s why we have decided to make not only custom apartments for our clients but also custom furniture. It intensifies our whole philosophy about making custom and unique habitation.

We have partnered up with various high-end suppliers that can get us any luxurious furniture we order. By doing that, we can fill all of our client’s needs.

Have you ever thought about how exactly you can make your home a better place to live?  And why should You even care?

Everything in our room needs to fit us. Some people understand the importance of this theme so much that they get custom furniture explicitly made for them.

For example, when you think about your desk, do you want it to fit into the overall environment of your room, or it just doesn’t matter to You?

For most people, it matters because if it doesn’t fit into the overall environment of their room, it ruins the whole atmosphere of the room. It’s like wearing a suit with shorts instead of pants. You sure can have a beautiful shirt, jacket, and tie but if you wear them with shorts, does it still look so cool?

We neither think so.

1. Details are more important than you think

It’s the details that make the whole impression.

A detail is whether a particular piece of furniture is in tune with the overall room environment or isn’t. The furniture is the detail. The furniture has to fit into the setting of the room. It makes the whole atmosphere of the room. A lot of people tend to overlook this fact, and they simply don’t know what it is that they like about certain places, but if you look at it closely, you’ll realize that it’s the attention to detail.

Have you ever thought about buying furniture in Sihanoukville? The furniture market here is diverse, but there’s one issue that many people face when choosing their new furniture, and that is that they don’t get to customize their furniture by themselves.

Who wants to have the same furniture, the same room as everyone else?

That’s why we believe that personalization is key in making our homes feel unique and ours.

2. Personalization is key

As we already mentioned, some people understand the importance of this theme so much that they get custom furniture made for them along with custom-designed rooms.

Since we spend quite some time in our lives at home, why not make our homes special and unique? What stops people, after all? The answer is plain and simple, and it’s that people don’t know anybody that can easily do it for them. In their eyes, it creates unnecessary problems needed to be solved, and they instead don’t take the time to solve it in the first place. When people are moving to a new place, it is often a stressful situation, and creating one more problem to stress about is just not worth it.

Many people want to personalize their possessions, but not many people want to do what it takes to make their dream home a reality.

It’s an issue that our company LZ Sea View Residences decided to look at and figure out what can be improved and how we can change it.

LZ Residences owns several mock-up rooms located in Sihanoukville. Anytime clients reach out to us, we show them our mock-up rooms so that they can better visualize and plan the look of their apartments

By doing all of the already mentioned, we give our clients the opportunity and the ability to make very specific features in their apartments.

Have you ever wanted a particular feature in your apartment but didn’t know how to make it happen? Think about the craziest thing you have wanted to have in your room.

Do you want electric blinds in windows? TV that slides into your TV table when it’s not being used? Transparent glass wall? Futuristic lights? Fake design fireplace? Desk made from a particular type of wood? Silk curtains? A specific type of exotic flower? Secret door? Hidden room? Mirror walls?

Think like there are no limits to what you can have in your apartment. 

With us, it’s not just a fantasy, but with us, it’s a reality. We will make it all happen for You.

Effortlessly and easily.

Why do people like our services so much?

The main reason why clients choose us over the competition is simplicity. Since moving to a new home is difficult, we want to make it as easy as possible.

You can easily visit our mock-up room, decide how exactly you want your new home to look like. You can then decide what furniture you want to have as well as what style and materials you want to incorporate into it.

Got any special requirements? No problem! We can handle it all and make it all come true.

Are you interested in making your dream come true?

Our priority is to provide fantastic, entirely custom made apartments with premium Sihanoukville furniture for our clients. We believe and live by the mentioned qualities, which are a strong emphasis on detail and personalization.

Are you ready to finally pull it off, make your dream come true, and design your dream apartment?

Click here if you want to read more about financing your dream home.

Feel free to contact us for more information and schedule a visit to our mock-up rooms.

We’re Here Mon – Sun 9am – 5pm Tel: 010 974 890 Email: [email protected] Visit us at LZ SEA VIEW RESIDENCES 

We look forward to hearing from You.

LZ Sea View Residences 

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